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Marina Darenport

Ms. Marina Darenport, started playing piano at the age of six. She was inspired by her father, because he would sometimes take Marina to classical concerts at the local performance concert hall. She was inspired by the magnificent Russian orchestras, folk performers and local classical celebrities. This is why pursuing her efforts towards becoming a professional musician was imminent.

After graduating from the Rimsky Karsakov Conservatory, at the top of her class she started performing regularly at all the famous concert halls that her dad took her to when she was a child. Her success and dream came true but her musical career did not end there; her success and her impeccable performances landed her invitations to perform in classical concert halls in Potzedam, Germany. 

Currently she resides in Orange County, California and she enjoys Classical and Jazz music styles. Currently, Ms. Marina is teaching many little young musicians and adults. She is capable of teaching a student from beginning to the master level of performance. Ms. Marina prefers students who are not lazy, studious and love music. If you wish to compete, she is a perfect coach for all Music Teacher Association of California written and performance, music exams. In Ms. Marina’s class you will know about composers, history, music theory and excellent performance skills. After you develop a strong classical foundation you will be able to play most songs by your-self.