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Corran Lategra


Bands played In: Legacy, Stealth Symphony, and Empathy (in the U.S)
9th Hour, Shekinah, K-13 (In Russia)
Other Talents: Songwriting, Arranging
Countries Lived: Russia, & Finland
Places Toured: Russia
Cd’s Recorded: 8
Drum Kits: Ludwig & Pearl Percussion set: Aspire & LP

Brief Bio
I started playing at 11years old in 1976. Music has always been my passion growing up. I was encouraged by my band teachers Richard Maxwell & Dr.Roy Anderson to continue in music. As time went on I started playing Motown & R&B As I developed my training I began to take drumming seriously In 1989 I moved to Las Vegas when I joined my first professional band call Legacy we were a Progressive rock band. In 1995 I moved to California played in several bands from 95’to 2001 in 2002-2007 I moved to Russia and played in 3 bands K-13, Shekinah, & 9th hour. I also taught & played in Finland. I enjoy teaching young inspiring drummers in developing there talents. Currently I teach drums at Virtuosos Russian Music Academy & Alley Kat Music Center in California I enjoy teaching young inspiring drummers in developing there talents. Music Schools References: Mr. Randy Cummiford Virtuosos Russian Music Academy 714 876 3223 Mary Wissink at Alley Kat Music Center 714 229 8528 714) 782-4755 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Corran Lategra