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Courses at OCMC

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are offered on piano, keyboard, violin, voice, guitar, drums, flute, clarinet and saxophone. Lessons meet once weekly and are scheduled to meet 44 weeks out of the year. Lessons meet for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or one hour depending on age and level of the student. Students who participate in additional theory examinations such as the Certificate of Merit program are also encouraged to take the group theory class for their level. Students may participate in additional performances, evaluations and competitions when they are ready. Students may register for private lessons at any time during the year as space permits.

Call the studio to schedule a free introductory lesson.


Piano Lessons

For ages 5 through adult, piano lessons are designed to meet the musical needs and goals of each student, and build skills in a variety of musical styles... including classical, pop and jazz. Regular feedback sessions are available, and all students can perform in school recitals. Prospective students meet with one of our teachers for a trial lesson to discuss goals and interests. Enrollment is accepted at any time throughout the year, based on teacher availability. Most lesson times are mid-afternoon through evening, Monday through Friday, and 9-5 on Saturday and Sunday

Guitar Lessons

If you've always wanted to play guitar (or get back to playing!), then this is the class for you. OCMC explores a variety of guitar styles and skills where students play together in a small and fun group setting.

Group lesson-Guitar

For teens through adults in group lessons of 3-5 students.

Classes meet 1 time per week for 1 hour

Private lesson-Guitar

* Beginners through advanced
* Lesson Length: 30 to 60 minutes (beginner through advanced)
Course Content
* Proper techniques in guitar playing
* Basic music rudiments and musical terms
* Learning of powered chords, bar chords and other extended, altered chords
* Pentatonic scales and modes for solo playing
* Exposure to various rhythm comping styles and riffs
* Reading of music notation and guitar tablature
* Wide repertoire of Rock and Fusion styles

Bass Lesson

We are devised a program that teaches students how to read music, improvise, utilize music theory, and have a working knowledge of all styles of music including Rock, Pop, Reggae, Ska, Jazz and Latin.

The most important aspect of music education is to motivate by combining serious study with fun music selections. It is our goal to motivate students and help them have a love for music that will last a lifetime. We currently teach all styles of 4,5,6 string bass, as well acoustic upright bass. Ages 8 years to adult

Drum set lesson

are offered for beginners through advanced, ages 7 through adult. Students can enroll in Rock/Jazz band and/or individual instruction (private lessons).

Drum set class explore a variety of drum set styles and skills where students play together in a small and fun group setting.

* For teens through adults in band lessons of 4-5 students
* Classes meet 1 time per week for 1 hour
Course Content
* Proper techniques and posture in drumming
* Reading of drum scores and understanding of musical terms
* Progressive exercises for stick control, footwork and co-ordination
* Various rhythm styles and variations
* Ideas for drum fill-ins
* Drum rudiments for stylized techniques and versatility
* Wide repertoire and Pop, Rock, Latin to other contemporary styles


Take violin lessons, give the warmth of classical violin! However, violin music is not limited to the pure harmony and melody of classical music composers such as Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, etc. Violin is versatile, appearing in jazz as well as pop music with Vanessa-Mae being a very popular modern violinist.

The alternative rock song "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve caused controversy due to the use of violin samples. Now it is not uncommon to see actual violinists performing in modern musical genres. Another example is Miri Ben-Ari, she is classically trained in violin, yet now she is the violinist of hip-hop, view a clip of Miri Ben-Ari. When violins are used in musical genres such as folk music, country, bluegrass, or blues, then the violin is usually called a fiddle. Apparently in hip-hop, violin is the cool term.

Electrified violin is also very exciting. Here is an impressive video clip of a guy in the UK playing an electric violin in a rock band: Mark "The Mad Fiddler" Knight performing with SID80s Mark also runs a great forum for traditional or electric instruments of the violin family:

Vocal Technique

Learning the concept of the vocal register, how to control your voice with dynamics and how to control your breath. You will learn how to create vibrato, crescendo. More than that is to learn the confidence as a performer. You also learn the technical and interpretive vocal skills necessary to master styles of pop/rock greats such as John Lennon, Elton John, Carpenter, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and many others.


This class is very very fun! From age 7 up with all levels. The class created for 3-4 students play with different instruments such as Violin-Piano-Keyboard-Guitar- Drums. You will enjoy to play a famous song with friends. Learn how to play the accompaniment for a solo melody. This course will improve your ensemble skills and helps you gain more confident in public performances and competitions.

Rock Band Classes

Learn the basics of playing in a rock band ensemble. Open to guitarists, drummers, bass guitarists, keyboardists and vocalists. Students will learn a number of cover songs and more advanced groups will learn to compose some of their own songs. Students will also learn basic rehearsal techniques.

Minimum requirements: Students need to have a basic understanding of their instrument. Drummers should be able to play basic rock patterns with a steady beat. Guitarists should know basic chords and keys and should be able to change chords easily. Vocalists should have a strong voice. All members will be auditioned for the purposes of placement.

Introduction to Jazz Band Guitar

Introduction to Jazz Band Guitar is a class that prepares the intermediate guitar student for playing in a big band or small group jazz ensemble. It introduces many of the common chord types, as well as their functions, used in jazz music. This class will also provide the student with enough chord voicings and chord comping techniques to be able to be a functional member of a jazz rhythm section. Various types of single note reading techniques, as well as some basic improvisational skills will be covered as well. The student should be able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of reading music as a prerequisite.