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What We Offer:

Private and Group Class for all ages and levels
Instrumental and Voice Lesson
Classical and Modern program
Semi Annual student recitals
Music Pop/Rock Band
Certificate of Merit (MTAC) annually
Bach Festival, Solo Competition, Theme Festival
Pre-owned Yamaha piano for sale
Provide repair and piano tuning services

Why choose OC Music Conservatory?

#1 Music School in Fountain Valley
Professional setting
Affordable price
Fun and motivating atmosphere
High quality training and effective program
Experienced and qualified instructors
Caring and loving attitude
Yearound enrollment, open on weekend.
Spacious parking in a new shopping plaza
Locate at center of Fountain Valley city

From our blog

New Website of OCMusic-Student Recital June 2nd, 2018

May 03, 2018

We would ike to inform about our new website at Please go there to check all info from our photos/videos, policy, blog.... Stay tune for our coming Student Recital in June 2nd 2018 at Kim's Piano Store in Stanton city CA. Please come to join us for a wonderful evening of performances from our young talented students.

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6 Benefits of Music Lessons

6 Benefits of Music Lessons

November 10, 2016

Learning to play an instrument can help your child fine-tune her ear and enhance skills needed for education and social interaction. By Angela Kwan       Between soccer and scouts, your school-age kid's schedule is loaded with fun activities. If you're on the fence about adding music classes to the list, take note of the benefits that come with signing your little one up for violin or piano lessons. Maybe she won't be the next Beethoven, but she may have an easier time learning math, practicing good manners (including patience!), and becoming a team player. Read on to...

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Benefits of Playing the Piano

Benefits of Playing the Piano

November 10, 2016

Where do we start? Perhaps the greatest benefit of having a piano in your life is also the one we’ve known about the longest–the uplifting effect it has on your spirit. When you sit on that bench and open the keyboard cover, you tap into a powerful way to communicate emotion, enliven a gathering or just relax. Just beneath the surface, however, the piano is much more than that. For example, a recent study at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, demonstrated that grade-school children who took piano lessons for three years scored...

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Why Study Piano?

November 10, 2016

Piano lessons are a fundamental way to gain a broad appreciation of music. However, the real benefits that arise from playing the piano are primarily non-musical. A piano student learns to read two lines of music, use both ears, arms, legs, feet and all ten fingers, with the brain giving each body part a different assignment to perform simultaneously. No other activity allows a child to exercise all of these skills in such a constructive manner.  Piano lessons, therefore, develop coordination in both mind and muscles, which transfers to many daily...

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What is the relevance of classical music in today's world?

September 28, 2015

Answered by: Mychal,An Expert in the Classical Music - General Category In a world where rap, country, alternative and rock genres dominate the popular music charts, some may wonder if there is any room for classical music. But the relevance of classical music in today's world cannot be mistaken: it is essential. Although it is not commonly heard on the radio in the public places that we visit, It is our portal into history, our framework for contemporary entertainment and a tool for brain power.That which is now called "classical" music was once the newest...

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April 27, 2018 12:00 am

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Please check out the new website of OCMusic at We now will post all new blogs, photos, and updates in the new website. Start from April 2018. Contact us at

Winter Student Recital 2017

December 02, 2017 4:30 pm

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Welcome to our biannual Student Recital on December 2, 2017 -5pm at Kim's piano in Stanton city. We will have solo and duet participants from piano, violin, voice, guitar, drums, saxophone classes. It...

CM Registration and Solo Competition

October 13, 2017 12:00 am

(Save to cal) A new school year begins. The dates for CM starts from October 1-30: CM registration. Parents and Students can register through teachers. We also encourage stud...

Class Concert-September 16th

September 16, 2017 4:00 pm

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On September 16, Saturday at 4pm, a class concert was held at our studio in Fountain Valley. It went well with 16 students attending from Ms Anna Pham, Ms Cynthia Law, and Ms. Maristela Murga. Congrat...